Monday, October 26, 2009

sketchbook 26/10/09

Two things I realized while drawing this spread. I might have A.D.D., which would account for the numerous vignettes on the spread and I like my papermate pen. I was trying a new pen for the middle portion of the page, but it didn't have the right resistance on the page that the papermate ink has. I'll give the new pen another try since it was my first attempt at it (however, I'm forced into using it because I bought an entire box of the new ones and my frugal nature will not allow me to buy some more PM until i use up these ones… boy oh boy)


raena said...

They seem to have worked perfectly well from my vantage point; but, of course I understand that the feel of pen makes a big difference! So, I'll just say, I really like the results. Maybe it would have been better with the papermate, but I still like this very much! And thank goodness for your A.D.D., I think it keeps the page interesting!

Carolina said...

I admire your ability to draw people faces, and also your ability to include so many vignetes (I'm incapable of doing that), maybe it's because of your A.D.D. :) but it makes cool sketches... :D

Best regards,

Wil said...

Raena, Caroline. Thanks for commenting.
I guess that's one good thing about A.D.D. So I won't go on any medication ;-)

Carolina, you are one skilled artist. I know for me it was just doing it over and over again. As for he vignettes, it's either A.D.D. or just plain laziness to finish one scene.

Coreopsis said...

Pens really do matter a lot. I have my favorites too, and try not to buy a whole box until I've tried out individual ones to make sure they are good.