Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Varsity trials

Last month , the University of Toronto's student newspaper, The Varsity contacted me about becoming one of their illustrators. I guess it's flattering that someone would seek me out and invite me to illustrate for them, however, it'd be a bigger honour if they paid me for my drawings! However, I do understand that it's a student run paper and funds are limited. It'll also give me a chance to work with a real brief and timelines. Good practice for the real world, I guess.

The concept for the original request was to illustrate a student juggling too many things, such as school/deadlines, work, family, OSAP. I didn't have the time to submit anything for it, however, it gave me a chance to work on two new approaches to illustrating an image. Neither image really speaks to me, but I thought I'd throw it out there to see what you all thought.


Carolina said...

Hi Wil,
Congratulations on that! Being illustrator for a students newspaper is a great starting step, you're lucky!
I like both sketches. What I see is that the books (the studies, the academic part of life) can't be handled by someone with all those things like work, friends, family in their hands. And I don't know what OSAP is :P
maybe that refers to the academic world.
Hope that helps,
Best regards,

Lola said...

Hey, this is great. Definitely something we would have printed. My only suggestion would be to watch the angles on the feet--the right foot seems twisted in an unnatural way.

Nikira said...

I think its great, I like the first one better may be because of a background, makes more unity and reads like solid image. Would be good practice and you'll build your portfolio. Good luck.

Felicity said...

I'm going to be difficult ;) - I like the clean lines of the figure below and the way the eye is drawn to the larger ball, and I like the background and falling books of the one above!

Wil said...

Nikira and Felicity. Thanks so much for commenting.

Felicity-- now that's what I need on a constant basis: constructive criticism... keep em coming!