Friday, October 23, 2009

sketchbook 23/10/09

Oh it felt so good to get back to my sketchbook. Went to the ROM to get the most of my's coming to an end and I need to pack in as many days there as I can.

It was serendipity once again, because there were some sketchers there who I got on paper. Actually it was a mini field trip for two people who appeared to be taking a drawing class with the woman who I got down on paper (lower right side).


Dan Kent said...

Welcome back! Love the face of the woman - so expressive, the man is great, and sue me but I love the moose! Great sketching! Glad to see you are sitting again - your feet must hurt. :)

FloH said...

I like it much.. i love the way you create textures giving volumes to surfaces. Handsome drawing!

Carolina said...

everything happens for a reason... now, what that is, that's the issue...

GREAT sketch. I like all the faces, even the scary ones.

Best regards,