Tuesday, November 03, 2009

sketchbook 03/11/09

Dufferin/Gladstone library.


Carolina said...

Great place to take a nap! Was he taking a nap, or just listening to music?
Great sketches, Wil, all of them (since my last comment :) and something to remember: "walking snack". I'll borrow that
Best regards,

Wil said...

I=The seats are deep and comfy and I'd have to agree with you that it's the perfect place to catch a few Z's.

He actually was reading, but I guess it wasn't conveyed clearly.

Plenty more chances to draw people reading this winter.

Carolina said...

Oh, I think it's not that it's not clearly conveyed, I think I'm such a good 'napper' that I think everyone else does the same... (shame on me!)

Felicity said...

The guy in the cap is really great and I love the lines along his sleeve - oh, and the lettering too! Two things I really envy you for (well amongst others!) is the ability to put random things together and make them cohesive (is that the right word?) and that amazing lettering!

Wil said...

Thanks, Felicity! I had a blast drawing them, and I think they weren't to intimidated by a S-BAM (semi-bald asian man) sketching them ;-)