Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sketchbook 05/11/09

The big puddles of ink are covering mistakes. There I said it. One of the rules I've applied for myself for this sketchbook is not to skip any spreads. So I had to do something with the smudges. My initial action was to ignore it, but in the end I liked how these smudges sat in relation to the drawing. The addition of the date was an after thought.

I had made it an objective today to draw 2 spreads. This is the second one and the colour elements were added at home.

There is no rationale for the colour and shape of these forms other than the fact that I wanted them there. I know, I'm a bad ass, a rebel in a cardigan.
Actually, to apply a bit of arm chair psychology, I think it's a willful response to all the rationalizing i had to do as a graphic designer when I worked in an office.


FloH said...

Beautiful sketches Will... Especially the first one.. balance of signs lines, textures an colors... perfect one!

Dan Kent said...

Here's what's great - I had no idea your ink puddles were covering mistakes. Reminded me of the puffs of smoke from a steam engine. Or maybe black clouds hanging over someone's head. And I like your colored elements too. Unfortunately for you, perhaps, it reminds me of graphic design!

Felicity said...

'Rebel in a cardigan' - I love that! I feel like that too! I really like the way you changed the scribble to make it a design element and how the date is lighter (I wonder how you did that?). Ah, your background explains a lot - you have such a great eye for design!

Wil said...

Thanks all.
Dan, I am cursed. My graphic design education will always haunt me.;-) actually I'm glad I had the education because it my drawings would probably be radically different if I didn't have an awareness for type.

Felicity-- The lighter date was painted with white acrylic paint. I haven't worked with it that much, but I get the sense it's a transparent medium and as a result, the black scribble comes through to produce a lighter shade of white.

Coreopsis said...

But the people looking at them (because they're so interesting to look at) will try to make them "mean" something. I really like both of these.

Jessica Mundell said...