Tuesday, November 10, 2009

sketchbook 10/11/09

I had the entire image laid out in my mind. However, it seldom works out the way I usually see it. The gentleman with the glasses was supposed to be sitting to the right of the gentleman with the English style riding cap… slipped up on the proportions of this piece, but I thing it worked out well in the end. Also i couldn't resist sketching the gentleman with the cowboy hat. Who wears a cowboy hat in Toronto?!


Dan Kent said...

Despise the red dots but love the drawing. If you had never told us about the guy with the glasses we never would have known. It is a lucky day indeed when I get the proportions right! So I rationalize it like this - I am creating my own imaginary scene based on the real one. There. Then I am not so hung up on whether it actually matches the real one. (Am I being harsh today?) Love your work! :)

Wil said...

No not at all. Always refreshing to hear what other people think of my work.

Bring it on ,Dan! ;-)

Carolina said...

Hi Wil!
Great sketch, again, amazing attention to detaill and perfect traces/strokes :) It's very interesting to know how you saved it. Your previous illustration is great too, I just would like to understand what the boy is pointing at, and what exactly is written in his shadow... I guess Andrew got it right away :)
Best regards,

Wil said...

Thanks, Carolina.

He's a boy I walked by a few days ago and he actually pointed at me ans said, "look daddy, a stranger". That's what is drawn in the shadow.

raena said...

While the red dots don't exactly enhance the drawing, I thought they were interesting. Made me think that if I curled the pages around, the men would be looking at each other. And regarding the cowbow hat buy, he's probably an escapee from my state, Texas!