Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sketchbook 11/11/09

I returned to the Art Gallery of Ontario for the second time since the Gehry renovation. It's still an inspiring space and I had hoped to climb the serpentine staircase that cantilevers and inhabits the Walker Court, the main foyer upon entering the Gallery. Unfortunately, it was closed due to over use and a ventilation system was being installed (Frank Gehry didn't anticipate the humidity created by the heavy traffic up and down those stairs). So the closest I got was this sketch.

I also went did a sketch of the Henry Moore Sculpture studio. A Canadian sculptor who produced these powerful, primal, bone like figures. Simply beautiful.


Carolina said...

That sounds... like the architect missed something... that's some story.
Yes, the sculptures look impressive...
I checked the Kurt Holloman illustrations you mentioned. Yes, his lettering (when he uses it) is more 'sophisticated', more present. His style made me remember of my school English textbooks... I felt he had a more 'classical' style, if there is such. I liked it.
Best regards,

Dan Kent said...

You captured the power of the place and of the sculptures. Wonderful.