Wednesday, December 30, 2009

sketchbook 30/12/09

Using two coloured pens. This is me being daring.


Felicity said...

You really *are* a rebel in a cardigan! ;) (No, seriously, you are way too modest!) These are super, and I've yet to be so brave!

Wil said...

Ha! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Felicity. Just wanted to get out of my comfort zone and give a blue pen a go. AND the blue was a medium fine THAT'S daring!

Happy New Year, Felicity. I hope everything is fresh, new and prosperous on your side of the pond in 2010.

Dan Kent said...

Wonderful pen sketches O Bold One.

I'm a touch behind, so I just have to comment on the Naco and Zoots cafe's - Fabulous!!! (not to mention the turtle, and Guido)

Happy New Year!

Wilfred said...

Dan, thanks..."O Bold One" I like that... for short, you could call me OBO ;-)

I wish you and your family a happy and joyful 2010, Dan and I look forward to your future uploads.

iHanna said...

I adore these kinds of sketches that live in each other, yours are beautiful. I also really like the last page sketch and text of your notebook below - so fitting to "lay thee down" - nice touch!

Alexis said...

ah man this one is even better!! love all the the layers.