Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sketchbook 01/06/10

I returned to the ROM today and bumped into Jai Wax, an artist I've seen around here before but never had a chance to draw. Well today was my lucky day because I got two sketches of him. The good part about this situation was that Jai would draw different sculptures for 10 minute sets which meant I had to sketch him in that allotted time. It really boiled these drawings down to the essentials.

Thanks Jai for being so gracious while I stared at you for 20 minutes!


Laureline said...

These are wonderful---I especially like the fluidity of the top one. Your blog, words and images both, is such a pleasure to peruse!

Coreopsis said...

These are absolutely gorgeous. It is totally inspiring to me. Did he know that you were drawing him? (surely, he did).

Dan Kent said...

Excellent sketches, and in 10 minutes yet.

Wilfred said...

Thanks all.
Yup. I actually asked him if i could sketch him. A good sport, he was.