Friday, April 16, 2010

Lit Cafe

Lit Cafe is another fine addition to the collection of small independently run cafes in my neighbourhood. The one eye catching feature is the long bar made out of reclaimed Douglas Fir. As you could each length has been left in its rough form and combined to form a monolithic bar with a lot of character.

The bar name,"Lit", was bandies around between the owners family as they were all driving in a car and the owner said every time she drank one of her coffees she was lit up. Hence the name.


info said...

Nice drawing Wil -- I dig the perspective. Where is this Cafe? I'd like to check it out. More specifically, I'd like to check out that Douglas Fir bar, that can't possibly be a real stack of lumber, it must just made to appear as such? I'm curious! I think Douglas Fir is the signature of the new AGO design, no?

Wilfred said...

Hi Info,
the bar is actually a stack of douglas fir lengths. Quite an impressive structure.
Since you're asking about the locale, you must live in Toronto. It's just east of at College and Dufferin, on the north side.

Sara Lynn said...

What an interesting counter! Really lovely painting. The perspective is great. I love watching your work.