Monday, April 05, 2010

sketchbook 04/04/10

With the warm weather upon us here in Toronto, people were out and about. I returned to Dragon City to sate my craving for some really bad chinese food and the old men's club were out at the picnic tables, playing a form of Chinese chess. I had captured them previously and it was nice to know some things in life never change. This time around, I thought I'd draw them from above.

With this generation of Chinese men, smoking is as much as their respective lives as eating and drawing them from above was a real challenge in breathing for me. Oh, the things I do for my art!


Genine said...

you nailed the posture of the guy in the stripped shirt. awesome sketch.

Wilfred said...

Genine, thanks so much. It was hilarious to watch him posture with all his moves. It seemed to me he was saying and gesturing with every move that his opponent couldn't top it. Very funny.

Dan Kent said...

This must have been awfully interesting to draw at that perspective - you did a great job. Weren't they suspicious that you were hanging from the fan?

Wilfred said...

Dan, I consider this to be my first outdoor drawing of this year. It's quite amazing how much I could balance in one hand. Sketchbook, watercolour set and wipe towel and the waterbrush in the other.

They were so engrossed in the game that they never looked up, however I did notice a few men at the next table glance up in a "bored, what the heck is that guy doing" kinda way.

adriano dos anjos said...

Que belo desenho, lindas cores.