Monday, April 05, 2010

Suzanne Collage

Suzanne Ernst is a friend from university. We've been hanging out recently and she mentioned that her birthday is coming up (tomorrow in fact) and she was lamenting the fact that no one has ever made her a personal birthday card. It was surprising to hear this because she lives in and is surrounded by creativity at work and friends. So I told her I'd make her a personal card...she actually mentioned that a scribble on a piece of paper would make her I hope this does the trick for her.

Plus, I also hope she doesn't stumble onto this before it arrives in the mail in a few days.

Plus, plus, all the words I've used to describe her are not true...they all should be multiplied by a factor of ten… then we're getting near to what she really is like...however the "freak of nature" should be multiplied by a factor of 20 (kidding...really..ok, maybe a little freakish, but in a really nice way!)

Happy birthday, Suzanne!


Carolina said...

This is an awsome card, it caught my eye from a far... she'll love it, no doubt.
See you around,

Suzanne Ernst said...

Turns out I can see your blog clearly from my phone.... This is by far the most beautiful card that I have ever received and I haven't even received it officially yet! Thank you so much Wil! I think that you have jist managed the impossible and cheered me up tonight :)