Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas Sale of my giclée cafe drawings

Tis the season! Wouldn't this make a great present?!!
I had a few giclée prints left over from my art shows this past summer, so I thought I'd put them up for sale here on my blogger site.

Here are the details of each print:
- They are all printed on German Etching paper (same texture and feel like the original watercolour paper I painted them on).
- measurements: 12x9 inches. with a .25 in. white border.
- number of prints available:
Darkhorse: 1
Rooster: 1
Naco: 2
I Deal:1
NIche: 3

Each piece is stamped with my wood chop and signed.
Each giclée is $90 CDN + shipping.

If you're interested in one or more, please email me..

Thanks for your continued support.

Merry Christmas all.


Dan Kent said...

I love each and every one of these!! So excellent!

raena said...

I'm drooling and looking at the lint left in my pockets!!

I have something I'd like to send you and I know I have your address around here somewhere, but I'm disorganized. Could you email that to me? It's nothing much, just a little thing...

Daniel Valadez said...

Those Cafe drawings are fantastic!

a.f.c.tank said...

I think the left-most woman and man in your first painting are my friends who live close to the Dark Horse! Nice images!

Anonymous said...

I think your drawings are amazing!