Sunday, December 19, 2010

sketchbook 12/18/10

I find it really difficult sketching family. This is another attempt at sketching my dad. Some parts are bang on, yet others are so far from what he really looks like. However, there is some overall resemblance.


Coreopsis said...

Well....I don't know your dad, so I can't say anything about who this person actually looks like, but it's an absolutely marvelous sketch. This person feels SO REAL. I completely "buy" it.

I make most of my pictures from reference photos (the others are drawn from live people), and they rarely "look like" the person they originally were, but I've decided that's okay, because I really like how they become what they are (if that makes any sense.....).

This is a really really really marvelous drawing!

raena said...

Do you really call your dad, 'Daddio'? That's awesome! I think it's a great sketch. The detail work in this makes me believe it is a good likeness. The the eyes and the eyebrows. And how the background makes the far eyebrow stand out. Very well done!

Dan Kent said...

Obviously I can't tell resemblance - but this is an excellent sketch! Love the values you achieve with the hatching, and the hair, and the expression - great penwork..excellent!

Wilfred said...

Coreopsis--thanks for commenting. And I do know what you mean. Sometimes I feel the exact same way because I've put so much work into a portrait. However, for me, I feel a portrait should look like the person I'm drawing. It's an ongoing battle ;)

Raena-- I actually don't call him "Daddio". In truth, I wanted a lengthier word so I could put "Stanley the Man" in two lines, instead of three, so Daddio was a way to get that effect... yes, I am so superficial that way. ;)