Friday, June 03, 2011

The last three of the type and image illustrations…

So here is the last three "larger" illustrations I've completed for the Riverdale Art Walk show this weekend. I think I'll put the words and image idea to bed after this show. It was getting a bit tiring doing these guys and my goal is to have a new body of work in acrylics for the Queen West Art Crawl in September.

However, I have a few more smaller rink drawings to complete before I start packing for the show.

Of course if goes without being said (but I will anyways), that you are all invited this weekend to the show and drop by booth 106 and say hi... that's if you're in Toronto.

Hopefully I'll have one more uploads of smaller ink drawings before I leave tomorrow.


Daniel Valadez said...

fantastic stuff!

Carrie H. said...

Today is the first day I saw your blog. I really admire your precise drawing ability. I seem to be persistently messy.