Saturday, June 25, 2011

10 oclock art

Added a bit more to my 10 O'clock art spread.

I found this through Eric Orchard's blog. The concept is to post whatever is on your drawing board at 10 o'clock, regardless of what state it's in. Post it on twitter, with the #10oclockart hash mark. It'll be interesting to see all the offerings once it hopefully gets going. Plus this is an excellent way, at least for me, to draw something and not be too finicky about it because I'll have a 10 o'clock "deadline".

This is my offering. I've drawn it before, but I know how you all like to see how a starving artist, bachelor's kitchen is like. Well here's your chance.

On a side note, now that I'm writing it, the word "bachelor" makes me sound like an old curmudgeon of a guy who's stuck in his ways... I guess if you've seen my previous post on this exact same subject matter, it hasn't changed much... oh, geez, I am a bachelor.

Oops, a bit after 10.


Dan Kent said...

Well it's a great sketch. The 10:00 challenge has served you well.

Ester Wilson said...

i came across this artist who hand-draws letters and it made me think of you. Check his work out here: