Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A, B. D


Well, I'm trying my hand at oil paints. It's definitely a different feel from acrylics and a long way from watercolour. Its been challenging and my use of blue and white is on purpose. I don't want to be bogged down by colour problems, especially since I have to get the entire alphabet painted for my art show by mid September. So I'm just dealing with tones. Makes my life slightly simpler but still challenging.

Here are the first few paintings. "C" is sitting on my window ledge drying.

5x7 in. oils on 1/8" masonite panel.


myra DRAWN to paper . . . DUSTED with pastels . . . DIPPED in water . . . said...

no doubt about it - these are awesome!

Dan Kent said...

Wow Wil. I don't really know what happened, in that I hadn't really seen that you were posting. Crazy. I have looked at mid-May on(again, where have I been?!) and I am kind of glad that I can now come back and report that I think you have done amazing work over the last several months surpassing what has come before. Amazing work. Love the sheep. Love your exploration today into a new medium. Love the illustration-ink drawings. You have worked hard and, believe me, it shows!

Wilfred said...

Myra, thanks for dropping by and commenting. Stay tuned for the entire alphabet.

Dan-- thanks. Don't worry about not noticing. We all lead busy lives and I for one am really bad at keeping up to date with all the blogs I follow (including yours) and when I'm done with the show, I'll get around to it hopefully.

I always appreciate your kind words.

quirkyartist said...

The colour reminds me of cyanotypes.

Wilfred said...

Thanks Quirkyartist for the reference. It's the first time I've heard about that process and I could see the similarities.